Interesting Stuff on the Web Feb 1st-7th


Docker have started talking about a new framework, calling it a Container-As-A-Service. There aren’t many details out yet, outside of a white paper, but it sounds like it will be a complete integration of the different docker services. More information will be provided at an upcoming webinar on Feb 16th, 1PM EST!


Finally this week showed many awesome steps forward with Docker Compose including the ability to set custom IPs and host aliases on containers! Also the Splunk integration will hopefully help get Docker more use in enterprise,


With the recent release of the AWS Certificate Manager and the ability to get SSL certificates for free, the base assumption is that you would use these everywhere! Ryan Brown points out the integration between AWS Cloudfront and Cert Manager isn’t quite there yet.. and then provides the full set of code for you to create a new Type to provide the integration!

This wasn’t the only awesome post by Ryan, he spoke with Speaker and provided another in-depth post of implementing the AWS API Gateway as a method of being a proxy passthrough to other APIs, and to keep the costs down, using AWS Lambdas!

Finally to wrap up some of the AWS stuff, was a new whitepaper by Puppet Labs, where they have been working to make managing nodes in the cloud easier by generating certificates based on the instance id, and keeping a track of running instances.

Puppet AWS Integration


Git hooks are very powerful, and this post really starts diving into some of the possible use-cases! I really like the post checkout check to include the branch’s current build status.

Git Hooks

Github posted about sub modules – linking and embedding projects in one repo. As they point out, this is an edge case, embedding external dependencies. I hadn’t even realized that git has these commands to make this easier to manage and thankfully the post goes step by step through a use case of implementing this with an existing project.

Finally one of the best things I saw this week was the Git Large File Storage. This was always a pain – debating what should go into source control, what is an artifact.. Turns out we could have just been using this, where you can configure it to store certain file types into lfs and the rest to your repo!


After college I rarely ever think about the underlying structures behind my code – the network stack, how the code is converted into assembly.. this is what made this post about firewalls and TCP sequence numbers so interesting.

Laura Frank posted a great introduction to Go concurrency patterns, starting off with what concurrency is, how it is implemented and end with a couple of great links including this one to help you visualize concurrency!

Go Concurrency Fanning

Cool stuff

Well now for some stuff that just doesn’t really fit anywhere else.. and first off are these awesome eagles.. sorry.. Anti-Drone devices 😉

Anti Drones

You don’t need to worry that this will boost the eagles confidence enough to take on us – thankfully science has thought ahead and we now have exoskeletons to combat the future eagle army!

This started off sounding awesome – the second life of the VR realm, AltspaceVR had just been released for the Gear VR.. Sadly it turns out that this is only for the consumer edition and no joy for the Note 4 users.

Now for anyone who likes leds, and trying to make Arduino led cubes, then you will love the 512 led Tittle and its awesome implementation! Hopefully they set this up with IFTTT integration, using this as a build light could be great fun 😉

And finally, for anyone who really wants to excel as a developer this Monday-Friday guide is a life saver!

The Salsa Portfolio!

Salsa PortfolioMore and more people are taking control of their financial planning who have never previously had experience forecasting the market. Sites are now providing the techniques used in the major financial services companies to the “layman”, though only time will tell what the real impact of putting people in charge of their own planning will be.

Even with all these ways to slice and dice and present the data, you still need to learn how to interpret it.

Yet data is boring and salsa dip is delicious.

Looking at the most basic idea of a portfolio, you are comparing the risk and return of a stock/fund/bond/whatevermajigin. So you want the largest return yet you need to contend with the risk – the higher the risk and the greater the chance you will actually lose your money, which is not part of the plan.

Looking at salsa, I’m going to plot these in terms of sweet and spiciness!

It burns but it tastes soo goodd..agghhhhhhh...

It burns but it tastes soo goodd..agghhhhhhh…

So we now have a variety of salsa dips that we like – some when we feel dangerous and some just for something before dinner. So over time we go from one to another which is all fine and dandy. Yet then you saw it. That giant superbowl miracle – the layered salsa dip bowl!

large layered salsaAnd you realize you can combine all your favorite salsa together, as one! While you may wake up the next day in a self induced salsa hangover – you know in your heart of hearts, it was well worth it.

Lets now see what our portfolio tastes like. If we were thinking of investing 10% in some damn good guacamole, fill 10% of the bowl with that good stuff. Next maybe we want some sour cream – help balance out that fiery jalapenos salsa you try every now and then and instantly regret the next morning. Finally we should have built up the greatest tasting portfolio and the only thing left is to dive in and evaluate if you like it!

200310923-001Success – you have survived and the idea of trying it again has not brought you to tears! Break out the wallet and invest and while you’re at it buy more salsa.


gen · tle · man · ry

fedoraBrett and Kate McKay of The Art of Manliness continuously provide upstanding examples to model life after. Finally it is time to put those lessons to the test and to commemorate this endeavor is up and online.

The term, gentlemanry, “borrowed” from Damien O’Mahoney will follow the trials of whiskey tasting to cigar bars and cocktails in between.

Who knows, there may even be a life lesson in there somewhere.

Arduino fix

Well to ensure that I actually commit to the project and dont keep putting it off, finally purchased an Arduino starter kit along with a power adapter and a variety of LEDs and resisters!

Went along to the local Radio Shack and was a bit put off by the $60 starter kit price which seemed to contain so little, especially when compared against amazon. Though even then I think I was more frightened away by the vast variety of soldering irons and solder. At that point I had assumed I would have to pick this stuff up and head was spinning from what on I need – 15 watt iron.. will heat up enough to work with *randomly selected solder* – disaster.

After being put on the correct path, that I can simply play with the breadboard without having to resort to some bararbric blacksmithing (yeah science, take it) I’m ready to enter the shallow end of the pool again.

Will post up projects as they occur.